Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Let Go! Should I or Shouldn't I? Have I or Haven't I?

After a stomach-filling chat-eating session just an hour before dinner, it was quite obvious that I'd not have my dinner. I came back to my flat, freshened up, spent an hour at the cyber cafe and then there I was back in my den again!

I was surfing through the few channels available or I would say watchable! because most of the channels available would be the Mallu or the Arabic ones, both of which I can't understand...and a movie just began in one of them..

The star cast of the movie looked very interesting and it didn't let me turn off the TV and get into my bed...

The movie was "Nurse Betty".. Renée Zellweger playing the title role and it also had Morgan Freeman! So I thought it should be worth watching and went on to watch it...The movie has Morgan Freeman and his son Chris Rock chasing Renee, while she's chasing her dream to see her favorite actor of a soap she loves.. suitably called 'Reason To Love'

One day when she's watching her favorite show and is fully engrossed in it...her husband gets killed in the same house with her having absolutely no clue about it. She later witnesses that gruesome incident when she goes out to check the weird noises she heard while watching her show and there begins the story..

Betty gets into a traumatized state where all she remembers is her fav star who she thinks is her "ex-fiancé' and her romantic dream about seeing him and takes her car out and starts off her journey to meet him!

While on the other side of the movie, Freeman and Chris Rock start chasing Betty because the drugs they wanted to pick up from her husband are in that car which Betty has taken out for her long journey!

This is a movie worth watching.. and the story takes its twists and turns as it moves on and that's left for you to explore..

After the movie was over, I was still thinking about Renee's character "Betty".. I thought there was a Betty in me…I've come across few things or people in my life, which or whom I don't let go!
Betty always dreamt that her fav actor was supposed to be "with her" all the time and moreover she thought they were engaged!..huh !... which was of course not the reality..

Like Betty, everyone of us would have things, relationships, people, moments which we never want to let go out of our lives and try hard to stay in a world which doesn't exist!
I did read about the art of letting go in one of my friend's blog.

It's definitely true that I could relate to the post I've mentioned above…

I remember, I had this beautiful red skirt with tiny hearts all over which my dad got for me when I was 11 or 12 for my cousin's wedding…I wore it and every time I did, I loved wearing it…
It was lying there in my wardrobe for few years…And one day during my graduation, when I came home for a vacation from hostel…I didn't find it there!
For a moment, I couldn't digest the fact that " it isn’t here anymore??!!" and I ran to my mom… only to find out she gave it away to someone…guess to my maid's daughter…

While it made much sense to my mom that if I am not wearing that skirt I loved anymore, it's good to give it away to someone who'd wear it!
But for me, it took sometime for the news to sink in…and let it go!

This was just one of those "infinite" examples…and I am sure every one will have similar examples to quote…
All the greeting cards which I got for New Year/ Birthday, f'ship bands I got on the Friendship Day, pictures of Shahrukh and Sachin I collected for so many years…which eventually went on to become a BIG collage…and yeah.. it hung there in my room at the hostel for years!, Shahrukh's wallpaper on my desktop!...And the LIST goes on….

Do they mean something to me NOW?!!

Well...Have I let them go or Haven’t I yet??

And when it comes to relationships and people, it’s the same story again! History repeats!
It's so important sometimes to let them go because holding them back will create more problems to you and the person involved and the "relationship" ….

Though I know this, many a times I still think Should I or Shouldn't I?!!


Rammy said...

Nice one da. U put down the feeling really well, I cud feel it. By the way, was there any "relationship" that u let it go!! :)

Swetha T L said...

thanks da..! :)
there were many relationships which I slowly let them go.. and there was a relationship abt which I was in a dilemma of "Should I or Shouldn't I" and I finally decided I'll never let it go :)