Thursday, January 29, 2009

LokSabha Polls - Corporatized!

Well the dates are out for the LokSabha polls. While I read the newspaper an idea struck my head!

Me: All these candidates with nominations for LS polls should go through a test before they are given the candidature. Who ever fares well will contest the election from that party!

Kunal: You wish. The test will be rigged!

Now that's the kind of confidence all of us have in the transparency of politics in India. I later realized how stupid my idea was. It sounded very much like a dream but I definitely want that to happen very soon!

I strongly feel politicians should take a test for contesting in elections.
I am not sure on what basis each party gives them a candidature. The ones who are loyal to bosses and the madams or may be the ones who make money speak for them!

I as a citizen of this country would definitely want the leader from my constituency to know a few basic things based on which I would choose him because he's being chosen to deliver what I want!

The test can revolve around things like these -

(1) How much does the candidate know about the constituency?
Sonia Gandhi and Sushma Swaraj both contested from Bellary few years ago. But did they know what the people of Bellary wanted in the next 5 years?! And what the problems were and what kind of development was required?

(2) Problems to be handled on priority in his/her constituency in the term
Every candidate must be aware of what are the bottlenecks bothering the people in the constituency and how to deal with them if he/she wins. Their agenda should be known to the public before they contest.

(3) The challenges India's facing with regard to the global scene
The candidate should be able to understand and relate to the challenges India's facing and contribute to the development by developing his/her own constituency.

And finally when all the above said things are on track (I hope I'll be alive to see it if and when it happens that is) - well the best part - 'the results' should be conveyed to everyone in the constituency once every year. And the candidate's agenda should be updated for the next year.

More importantly I feel all the results against the agenda should be 'quantifiable'.
Well only if the Election Commission took note of all this gyaan from the corporate world!

It's true - India mein mufat ka 'serious' gyaan bhi milta hain :D