Saturday, July 07, 2012

Toybank turns 8 and more!

The jump from turning 5 to 8 is indeed a huge one! Come August 2012, Toybank will complete 8 amazing years of making children happy in various cities and rural areas of India and children from Bhutan as well!

While the jump happened slowly in the background over the last 3 years, I was busy moving from one city to another in India and also found an opportunity to visit a country renowned to be 'Truly Asia' for it's culture and demographics!

My previous post talked about Toybank turning 5 and of it's newest chapters back then, Bangalore and Pune and their activities. Add Delhi, Hyderabad, UK and Bhutan to the list, and that's how much Toybank team has grown over the last 3 years! :)

Toybank had a huge gathering of its volunteers, supporters, board members, partners on 9th Jun this year and the event passed on a lot of happy vibes through the evening with all the stakeholders sharing their thoughts and experiences on working with Toybank.

Here's a cool gift I received from the team that day :)

This Summer I also managed to join the Delhi Photography Club and attended 2 amazing heritage photo walks with them, which has added a lot of variety to my weekends along with Toybank! :) Drop by on the blog's home page and take a look at some of the glimpses I managed to catch in Malaysia and India in the recent past!