Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ridiculous is the way this world works!!!

She was so excited the day she met me before leaving...

My friend Priya told me that she'd be going home for a week's time...and was enthu about having a great time back home with her family and friends...

A week flew by and she was back here...but with all that excitement lost in her face... and all the josh locked up somewhere...

She was now telling me about the hardest times she went through handling the most difficult moments of her life so far...

It's been quite sometime now..And she had started realizing that she'd finally arrived at the MOST WEIRD phase of her life.. She was initially finding it almost impossible to digest the fact that she'll now need to step into a "NEW" world with a "PARTNER" into an institution which is unfortunately termed "MARRIAGE"!!!

I am sure almost every Indian girl will go through this difficult phase of her life... where she has a 1000 questions in her mind...driving her crazy day in and day out... and nobody around to answer these...and she'd be left with no choice...but to enter into this so called institution of Marriage... with all the questions unanswered...!!

She was telling me how things were definitely going to change... for good or bad.... which she has absolutely no clue about...

The first question she wanted just anyone to answer was... "Is this change required in my Life NOW?? Am I not happy the way I am...??

It'd taken her 24 years to build this beautiful web of relationships around her... And it's so difficult for anyone who's built this web of relationships around come out and force yourself to enter into a TOTALLY NEW one now... !!!

Someone had once said "Change is the only constant thing in Life"…I'd say it's definitely EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!

And she's now worried about handling the situation where she feels that... she's entered into a A World Turned Upside Down…She still can't believe if this is the same world she lived in all these days....

On the other side were Priya's parents...who felt it's "NOW" the time... that Priya got the "RIGHT" guy... and begin the new phase of her life...!!

I was just thinking if there was any Indian girl who'd "HAPPILY" let all her relationships which she has built up for 24 years now, to take a back seat and get into "MARRIAGE" which the Indian society describes it funnily the "most sacred thing ever" ...

And more surprisingly...get into MARRIAGE with someone she's known "THE LEAST" all her life...

Isn't this ridiculous?


dude.NET said...

Indeed a thought provoking and an eyebrow raising post !

Change is the only constant thing in Life - Vinay had told me the same thing.

MARRIAGE with someone she's known "THE LEAST" all her life - What else could she do when she has not found the RIGHT guy by herself. Now you can start up with your fav argument that indian girls dont have choice...well you are true...but thats the protocol...its been in place since i dont know how many generations.

Isn't this ridiculous?
-- Of course it is....but whats the solution ???

A girl at 24 which is socially accepted as an ideal time for wedlock is thinking "is it the right time now"
-- The obvious question is "Fine...define the RIGHT time and what parameters determine RIGHT"

She is worried about accepting someone whom she has no idea about
"What is the time required for a person to understand or rather get a fair idea about the would be spouse. And even if it were to be defined, whats the scope for it in our society"

She feels that MARRIAGE which is the most sacred event in life as the most wiered phase of life.
--Why think it as wiered....everybody around is going through the same chill....neeche hum hain....oopar bhagvan hain...ask her not to worry

She feels that entering into this so called new relation leads to plugging herself out from the web of relations built since 24 years.
--This depends and is not necessarily true. But of course, the ideal condition is always difficult to reach !

Actually after listening to all this, marriage is such a confusing i ve left it to god...i decided to take god's path but only after i try all the paths i have in my reach !

Swetha T L said...

"Now you can start up with your fav argument that indian girls dont have choice...well you are true...but thats the protocol..."

Well if u realised, I am indeed talking abt how disgusting this so called PROTOCOL is!and this isn't an argument... these are the situations each girl goes through...

Isn't this protocol only for GIRLS? and thats why it's RIDICULOUS!

U have asked "whats the solution" but by just saying "its been in place since i dont know how many generations." in NO WAY solves the problem either!

coz it's easy for you to say that it's been this way from centuries...!but through the generations...the way GIRLS think hasn't remained the same! it has DEFINITELY changed...

and hence there is a need to change the PROTOCOL too!