Friday, December 12, 2008

Liverpool Fever

16th Dec 2007, Liverpool 0-1 Man Utd
I know nothing about football but am still watching the game.
I want to understand this game.
I want to know all facts about English Premier League so that when I get married I can watch all the weekend Liverpool games with Kunal.

13th Sept 2008, Liverpool 2-1 Man Utd
My happiness knows no boundaries today and yes indeed! - I have become one of those people who stay glued to TV for 2 hours every weekend and never miss any game of their favourite club.

12th Dec 2008

It's very soon going to be exactly one year that I started watching EPL. I have watched almost all the Liverpool games this season and even if I have missed one that's coz I was traveling :). And my husband has taken care of how to stay updated no matter where you are - check this out!

Guess what! - I have even managed to watch other clubs' games just to see who's gonna stay on top of the table :D


Rajeev said...

ManU Rocks ...

Swetha Dua said...

Alright I published your ManU comment without seeing! But Rajeev this is a warning from a honest lfc fan - No pro ManU stuff on my blog!

I hate ManU!

Varun said...

This post reminds me of that bank ad in which wife changes herself to become a cricket fan.

Enjoy the rest of the season.

Swetha Dua said...

Well...yeah then I'd say it has definitely been a great change in more ways than one! :D