Thursday, October 11, 2007

Toybank featured in Sattva's Anniversary Issue

Check out for Toybank being featured in Sattva's Anniversary Issue -

Also check out Sattva's anniversary issue on, which is a website of New York-based World Resources Institute.

In their Anniversary issue you'll find:

* National Youth Foundation, an organization for youth, who
work on bringing youth NGOs together on a common platform.
* Jain College's highly innovative community radio program.
* Nitin Rao, 21-year old Sattvic Celebrity talks about how
for-profit social initiatives are the way of the future
* Aaditeshwar from the Waterloo University, Ontario, guest
columnist on building low cost rural networks to reach thousands.
* A very interesting look at the Rajinikanth fans association
and the community initiatives they carry out under the
superstar's banner.
* Meet the faces behind Sattva in team sketches and the
founder introduction page.
* Messages for Sattva from the readers.

If you want to know more about people behind the making of Sattva and their ideas visit ITIHAS

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Goli said...

Hey, great that you wrote about Sattva :D.

And I must say that I really like this initiative of Toy Bank.